HOLY SMOKES! Firestarters™

Holy Smokes Fire Starters

Combine the concepts of recycling, functionality & ecumenism with Holy Smokes Firestarters ! Made from recycled wood & used Church candles ... 30% Catholic, 30% Lutheran & 40% All Others!

For Fireplaces – Barbecues – Campfires – Stoves

Use no paper, no kindling, no liquid charcoal starters

Holy Smokes! Burn even when wet

Holy Smoke! Firestarters™ are made from 100% recycled materials. Melted wax from used church candles is blended with recycled wood fiber to produce a pleasant smelling firestarter.

A donation is made to Habitat for Humanity for each Holy Smoke! Firestarters™ purchase.

We at Nerman-Lockhart Inc. hope you have a hearth warming good time!

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