HOT FLASHES Firestarters™

Holy Smokes Fire Starters

Combine the concepts of recycling, functionality & ecumenism with Hot Flashes Firestarters ! Made from recycled wood & used Church candles ... 30% Catholic, 30% Lutheran & 40% All Others!

Help women blaze their way across gender and generation gaps.

The hot idea for Hot Flashes Firestarters™ came from a friend in historic Petersburg, Virginia. She discovered, after losing her dear husband, that she had never learned to make a good Manhattan nor to light a fire in the fireplace. She insisted that we address the second of these gender issues by making firestarters just for women and calling them Hot Flashes! As for the generation issues, Hot Flashes are for all ages. Just look at Grandmothers…..she's really cook'n with a flare!

Hot Flashes will light your fireplace, barbecue, stove or campfire without paper, kindling or liquid fuel.

So, turn up the heat and change your life!

Made from recycled materials. Melted wax from used church candles is blended with recycled wood fiber to produce a pleasant-smelling firestarter.

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