Holy Smokes Firestarters Testimonials

“A very special friend introduced me to Holy Smokes about ten years ago. Since then I have bought, used and/or given hundreds of them. And the people I have given them to have often become fans like me.” “Holy Smokes are, first and foremost, firestarters. All you need are 3 logs, a decent draft, half a stick and a match. No kindling. No paper. That’s it. And your fire is going in a matter of minutes.” “Because they really work, they are a terrific gift and because they are packaged with a sense of humur plus a charitable errand, they are fun to give. To say nothing of their being a recycled product. One of those gems that is a joy to discover.” “And, if that weren’t enough, the Lymans, who make Holy Smokes are wonderful to deal with.”

J.S. Cambridge, Mass & Canada

“Holy Smokes smell like a clear conscience.”

J.F. New Mexico

“We love selling Holy Smokes Firestarters as a fundraiser as they work so well and are a recycled product. We use them ourselves and no longer need paper or kindling or fatwood to start our fires.”

M.Bixby, Mass

Úp in the Great ‘Wet” Northwest, we count on Holy Smokes to get our campfires, barbeques and stoves started. I use them year round and always have plenty on hand for when the barometer drops. They are quick and easy to use. The ‘Smokers’ are a recycled and ecumenical product so you can feel good about starting a fire.”

G. Baron, Washington

“In spring and autumn our Jotul Stove warms our house each day and each day Holy Smokes Firestarters bring the warm.”

K. L. Booty, New Hampshire

“I smile when I purchase my Holy Smokes Firestarters and then I smile again when I open the package and use a half a piece to light my log fire without using paper or kindling. We have used Holy Smokes for 12 years and they have never failed to light our logs. Keep up the good work, Nerman-Lockhart.”

M. Wagner, Ohio

“We have used Holy Smokes Firestarters forever. They never fail to light our fires. Frankly, we can’t start a fire without them.”

L. Bundy, Minnesota

“The Langlois Public Library has been carrying the firestarters as a fundraiser for several years now and they are very popular. People not only buy them to start campfires, but also to start woodstove fires. I use them personally. It takes only ¼ of one stick along with a few good pieces of kindling to start a robust fire quickly and efficiently.”

N. Angelesco, Oregon

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