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Nerman-Lockhart, Inc. is a family owned business that has been making environmentally friendly firestarters (made from 100% recycled materials) for over twenty years. We sell the firestarters under several labels:

Although we market with humor, our firestarters really work! They are safe, fast, clean and pleasant smelling, eliminating the need for kindling, paper or liquid starters. One firestarter will effortlessly light the charcoal grill. They even ignite damp fire wood! We recycle used and scrap candles to make our starters. Holy Smokes! are made from used church candles which we purchase from many churches (an ecumenical blend) and a few Jewish and Buddhist temples. The wax is blended with sawdust that has been pressed into sheets in an American mill to produce a reliable and pleasant smelling firestarter. Most of the churches from whom we buy candles, sell Holy Smokes!(containing their wax) as a fundraiser. We customize a sticker for each package mentioning the church and the approximate percentage of that church’s wax contained in the package. Holy Smokes are a profitable fundraiser, especially in areas where wood stoves and fireplaces abound.

If you wish to consider selling Holy Smokes!
or our other labels as a fundraiser,
Please contact us:
Richard or Ben Lyman

Warm your Heart                       
      your Hearth      
                               and your Home !

Holy Smokes
Holy Smokes
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Combine the concepts of functionality,
recycling & ecumenism (a donation is made to
Habitat for Humanity for each package sold)

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