Moose Flambe Fire Starters

Combine the concepts of recycling, functionality & ecumenism with Hot Flashes Firestarters ! Made from recycled wood & used Church candles ... 30% Catholic, 30% Lutheran & 40% All Others!

A member of an active snowmobile club which rides on the trails around Smuggler’s Notch Resort in Vermont related to us the important role Holy Smokes! played in their trips. Along the trail the group would stop to light a campfire and warm-up while enjoying some refreshments.

She suggested that we pay tribute to the moose of New England with a moose label (Moose Flambe). Because of our penchant for silly labels we asked out artist friend to position a smug, self satisfied moose roasting marshmallows.

Moose Flambe Firestarters are made from recycled materials.

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